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GTI International 2006
Over the last few years what was the premier GTI show had definitely started to lose it's way. Things needed to change to stop . . . more
Stonor Park 2006
Review from Tesh @Gstar-dubworld: "Another very civilised day out at Stonor, the presentation of this venue caught my eye . . . more
Stanford Hall 2006
What, what, what, jolly civilised day out in the countryside yar. Super location on the river and even a place to get a cup of . . . more
GTI Spring Festival 2006
Show report from Tesh aka Mr GStar-dubworld: "The 2006 spring outing to Santa Pod turned out be a lottery with the weather, . . . more
Ultimate Dubs 2006
This was a new show for the '06 calendar and hopefully one that will become a regular event. The location was a good one with . . . more
GolfGTI.co.uk at WRC-Tech
A long overdue club rolling road day was held on the 26th November at WRC-Tech based at Silverstone circuit. Review and photos . . . more
Edition38 2005
Howay man! What a weekend. Undoubtedly the best water-cooled dub show of 2005, no question. We had a huge turn out of forum members . . . more
VW North West 2005
Didn't make this show due to being at VWWhitenoise but thanks to forum member Rob aka Toofunkyhouse we have a selection of pictures:
VW Whitenoise 2005
Another quality show from Neil and the rest of the Whitenoise team. (must not mention the rain) The combination of cars and live . . . more
London Volksfest 2005
I didn't make it to this one but a few forum members went along. From what I have heard it doesn't sound like I missed a great . . . more
GTI Festival 2005
This is always a great show and this year was no exception. We had a good club stand space right next to the grandstand and filled . . . more
VW Festival 2005
A superb show, the weather was hot all day and a great collection of cars turned up. The VW Festival/DemonVW team can be very . . . more
VW Action summer party 2005
'Beetlemania' was the theme for this years VW Action summer party. Again held at the Herts County Showground we had a good turn . . . more
Stonor Park 2005
Another great dub day out. Even the weather stayed pretty good despite some nasty looking grey clouds. Thanks to Nick we had . . . more
GTI International 2005
So the mighty English weather strikes again! What started out as a bright morning on Saturday had by lunchtime become very grey. . . . more
Stanford Hall 2005
A mainly aircooled event this one, held in the grounds of Stanford Hall, Leics. I didn't make it to this show but forum member . . . more
GTI Spring Festival 2005
An extra event for the 2005 calendar, the Spring Festival was a good excuse for a trip to Santa Pod. Taking on the same format . . . more
Dubfreeze 2005
Freeze? Too right! It was damn cold out there. Thankfully the big trade hall was heated though :) This was my first trip to Dubfreeze. . . . more
VW Action 2004
Ah, another almighty Action weekend. These shows are just so damn good, the dubs, the people, the whole vibe is like no other . . . more
VW North West 2004
Didn't make it to this show myself as it clashed with VWWhitenoise but thanks to Steve (papperbear) we have a review and pictures: VWNW . . . more
VW Whitenoise 2004
Just back from this, what a superb weekend :) Neil and the rest of the Whitenoise team put on a great show, a huge improvement . . . more
London Volksfest 2004
Yet another event by the VW Action boys. Missed this one myself this year but 'madone' from the forum supplied some photos:
GTI Festival 2004
Rock n roll, out the door stupidly early for a trip to see Santa. Not the fella with the white beard but Santa Pod in Bedfordshire . . . more
VW Action summer party 2004
Sunny weather and flares. What a combination. The VW Action boys put on their second 'themed' show, this time around it was VWoodstock . . . more
Stonor Park 2004
Up drinking until 4am before this show was not a good idea! A sunny day out at Stonor Park saw a good turn out, biased towards . . . more
GolfGTI.co.uk at AmD
Saturday 29th May 2004 we headed off to AmD in Bicester for our first rolling road day meet. A 9am start plus a variety of hungover . . . more
GTI International 2004
Make that 3 things you can be sure of in life; death, taxes and the English weather spoiling things! Saturday the weather was . . . more
Utterly Vee Dubberly 2003
A trip up the M1 bright and early on a Sunday saw the last major VWevent of 2003. Held at Donnington Park it looked promising . . . more
VW Action 2003
Quality! VW Action marks the end to the summer show season and never disappoints. After the earlier Beach Party by the same organisers, . . . more
VW Whitenoise 2003
Whitenoise? Well there was definitely a lot of noise, some not so appreciated at 6am! 3 music tents, a load of VW's (mainly aircooled), . . . more
London Volksfest 2003
Amazingly hot weather and a great selection of VW's.... A good mixture of old and new veedub's makes for a much more interesting . . . more
VW Action Summer Party 2003
A beach in the middle of Hertfordshire? Well not exactly, but VW Action's Summer Beach Party was a genuine effort to bring some . . . more
GTI Festival 2003
Another weekend in June, another Golf show to attend but hey, I am not complaining! It wasn't exactly sunny but for most of the . . . more
Stonor Park 2003
A day out in the sunshine wandering around in the countryside... oh and there were a load of VW's! Apparently the Stonor Park . . . more
GTI International 2003
That's that done for another year! Great show, I thought, the venue was a huge improvement on last time. The organisers took . . . more
VW Action 2002
The weekend beginning September the 6th 2002 saw the legendary VW Action once again stamping its mark on the show calendar, at . . . more
London Volksfest 2002
If you went to Volksfest 2002 expecting to see a load of modified GTI's you may have been a little disappointed. However, if . . . more
GTI Festival 2002
Itís the 9th of June. It is not supposed to chuck it down all day long! Oh well, if you were prepared to get soaked this wasnít . . . more
GTI International 2002
Held at Wroughton Airfield in Swindon, GTI International 2002 was something of a disappointment. For me the venue just didn't . . . more
VW Action 1999
A trip back in time. Just found some old photos from Action '99 back when it was held at the Peterborough show ground. How . . . more
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GTI Festival 2005

Event Date: 10/07/2005
Location: Santa Pod, Bedfordshire
Cost: £12

This is always a great show and this year was no exception. We had a good club stand space right next to the grandstand and filled it with 6 cars. It was also good to meet quite a few other forum members on the day - both new and old faces.

Thanks as always to those that make the effort at the shows :)

This year the quality car attendance really picked up. There must have been 15 Rallye's there, the most I have ever seen in one place. Westside's seriously smoothed new machine was probably my favourite.

15 quid to blast your car up the 1/4 mile as many times as you like is a bargain. Gibby did his best to make it as cheap per-run as possible and wasn't gloating at all about a certain track victory ;)

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VW event calendar 2014
All of this years VW events, arranged on a attractively sized Google Calendar, how's about this for convenient? We are just too . . . more

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